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more. Donne was right. It would be difficult to visually spot an opening. And so far the scanner wasn't offering any hope. Anna climbed along the barrier, scanning, shining her light into crevices. The rocks were huge, sharp, irregular. Too heavy to move. And even if they were able to move a few of them, it could cause another rockfall. The whole area was unstable.

"Do you know another way out?"

"I came in through an opening on the other side of the outcropping, near where I found the probe. I'd been heading for your site, but I got lost in the storm. The passage eventually led me here, where I saw the floodlights you'd set up. No one was here, and I couldn't reach anyone by link. I set up the plaser generator, hoping the signal was strong enough to get through."

It was a good story, except that it didn't explain why she'd brought the generator into the caves in the first place, or why she'd set it up far inside the caves, beyond the line of floodlights. That seemed more like an ambush than an SOS.

"This way looks totally blocked. Can you find your way back?"

"Yes. That's the way the others are. It will lead us out on the other side of though. It's a long walk. Maybe you want to leave Morden here. We can come back on the other side with some heavy equipment and dig him out."

Donne definitely didn't trust Morden. Perhaps that had been the whole reason for the ambush: to kill him-or to kill all of them. Perhaps the others were already dead. Anna couldn't figure out why Donne hadn't killed her yet. She had no illusions that Donne was afraid of her quick draw. Donne must need her for something. Perhaps to help her with the thing she was really afraid of, the thing Anna was afraid of too.

"We're not leaving Morden."

As they climbed over toward him, Morden
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