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tell me what you see."

Here, Anna sensed, was the source of Donne's fear. Anna raised her head slowly, Morden beside her doing the same. The light in the chamber had a muddy coloration, and the threadlike, filtered quality she had noticed earlier seemed more pronounced here, as if the lines of reality were fraying apart. The far side of the chamber was shrouded in shadow. Anna estimated it was one hundred feet across. She could make out only one specific feature on the far wall, and it was a column, embedded in the cave wall, yet distinct from it. It was made from the reddish-brown rock of the planet's surface, which meant either that the rock had been brought underground for this purpose, or that a vein of the rock had existed here. The column had the same type of inscription as the pillars above ground, and in fact was similar to those in diameter, yet in better condition in the shelter of the chamber. Anna estimated the distance from the crack to the column. The column actually could be positioned directly below the major pillar. They could be part of a single, massive structure.

Anna followed the column down to its base in the floor of the chamber, perhaps forty feet below. It was embedded in the black rock of the chamber. The column could continue even farther underground.

Arranged in orderly rows on the chamber floor were clear tubes, approximately seven feet long, three feet across. Some of the tubes were empty; some had people in them. With a start she recognized Petrovich. The tubes reminded Anna of the cryogenic chambers that used to be necessary for extended space voyages. She looked farther, thinking to identify others from Chang's party, but instead she found Captain Hidalgo. From her mouth escaped a small sob of air. She'd sent him with Razor's group
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