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we're both going to put these PPGs into our pockets. Then we're going to search for a way out; Morden needs help. And while we look, you're going to tell me what happened to Dr. Chang and his party."

Donne nodded.


Anna brought the PPG next to her jumpsuit pocket, and Donne did the same.


Anna tucked the tip of it into the cloth.


Anna slid the gun into her pocket as Donne did the same. They both brought their hands away.

"Good. Now let's go up the passage and see if we can find a way out of here."

Donne picked her way farther up the passage, toward the center of the rockfall, and Anna knelt beside Morden.

"How are you?"

"I'm sorry about the probe."

Behind the glare of the breather, his face was pale and shiny.

"I didn't have a choice."

"I'm sorry I distrusted you. If I hadn't shoved you, you wouldn't have gotten shot."

He smiled as he braced himself against her arm, pushing himself up.

"If you hadn't shoved me, I think she would have killed me."

She helped him to sit, his body settling into a lopsided position.

"I'll be okay," he said.

"This isn't a fatal wound, as much as it feels like it. Just let me catch my breath."

Anna nodded.

"Stay here."

She took Morden's scanner, located Donne with her light, and worked her way over. Her legs ached, from the rock that had hit them and from exhaustion.

"The scanner shows about a five-foot barrier of rock between us and daylight. Do you see any openings?"

Donne had climbed to the cave ceiling and was shining her light along the rocks.

"It's hard to tell, since it's dark on the other side. But I don't see any-g"

Anna narrowed the focus of the scanner and examined the barrier of rock blocking them in, wishing she could trust the readout

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