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to load the explosives onto their ship, travel to Babylon 5, and then, during the dedication ceremonies, to make a suicide run at the station, exploding on impact. Those dedication ceremonies will take place in three days.

You are to observe the transfer of explosives, using the new stealth technology we have installed to remain undetected. Wait until the Narns selling the explosives have left the area. We don't want to provoke them and create an incident.

Immediately after they have left, you must disable or destroy the Homeguard ship. It must not reach Babylon 5."

"Yes, sir."

The general made a regulation turn toward the door, hesitated.

"Captain," he said, his back to John,

"I need not remind you of the power and influence of the Homeguard."

"I understand, sir."

"Very well."

The general continued out, his aide following. Corchoran turned his glum expression on John. His frown made his dark brows even more pronounced.

"He's sending us out on a critical mission when we've barely learned how to pass inspection?"

John laid a hand on his shoulder.

"That's what I said. But I think we're ready now. We can do this."

"Tell me about this Homeguard group. What's the general's source of information?"

John waved him away.

"I'll explain later. Right now we need to get underway. And as soon as we do I want you to initiate radio silence. I don't want any specifics about this getting out to the crew. But just in case word of this does get out, and any of them happens to be a Homeguard sympathizer, I don't want to take the smallest chance that information might somehow get back to them."

"I understand, sir."

John clapped Corchoran on the shoulders.

"Cheer up, Commander. The days of drilling are over!"

* * *

The ship sang
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