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shaped rocks scattered across the cave floor. In her right hand, the metal reflecting the light, was a PPG, aimed at Morden.

Anna looked back down at him, still caught in Donne's light, his gun wavering now, but clearly aimed at Donne. On his right arm was a PPG burn. Skin and blood, muscle and tendon had all been fused into a black mass. Morden hadn't been aiming at her. He'd been trying to defend them from Donne.

"He hid the two artifacts you found, the mice," Donne said.

"Luckily I found them."

Her tone was low, tight. Anna could hear the tension in her jaw. Morden's careful smile was slipping as he looked up at Anna.

"I knew that if Donne had her way, Earthforce wouldn't see a single artifact from this dig. I had to try to protect our interests."

Donne's activation of the link gave his voice an odd doubled quality. Anna heard it not only over the link but through the screen of his breather.

"You mundanes would love to have a weapon against us telepaths," Donne said.

"It's more than that. A lot more than that."

Morden was resting the butt of the PPG against the cave floor now. He shook his head, as if to stay conscious.

"What happened to Dr. Chang and his party?"

Anna moved in front of Morden's chest, careful not to block his aim.

"I know where they are. Tell Morden to put his gun down first. He's making me nervous."

"Why don't you both put your guns away," Anna said.

Donne stopped about four feet away, her face obscured behind the reflection off her faceplate.

"Let Morden put his gun down first."

Anna wondered if Donne had already decided what body parts to keep after she had killed them. She crouched down in front of Morden, his hand with the PPG extending to her left. She kept her eyes on Donne, on the clenched face,
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