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responsible if they did.

"You want to know what a hero is? A hero is someone who does what's right, even if he doesn't think it will make a difference. Because it's the right thing to do."

He had run out of words. He couldn't tell if Spano was responsible or not. The truth was, he sensed that Spano was telling the truth. And if he was, then the saboteur was still walking freely on the ship. John crossed his arms, feeling more alone than he had since the war.

"You're being charged with insubordination, desertion of post, and dereliction of duty. Other charges may follow."

John turned to the two guards.

"Take him to the brig."

* * *

The scanners, once again, were of little use inside the cave. They identified the energy source that had been detected as some sort of plasma energy, but it seemed to be coming from all directions. The reflective effect, again. Anna led her team down into the darkness of the cave, to the spot where it separated into three branches. Even with the thirty techs, each with their own light, and the string of floodlights from their first trip, the darkness of the cave seemed to envelop them, a watchful presence that could absorb any amount of light. Anna scratched uneasily at the back of her neck. Dust and sand had gotten under the collar of her jumpsuit on the walk from the crawler to the cave. In her jumpsuit and boots and the breather, a clear oxygen mask that fit down over the front of her face, she usually felt quite comfortable, much more so than in the confines of an EVA suit. But now they left her feeling exposed to the darkness. The cool stillness prickled along the backs of her hands, the back of her neck, her scalp.

The jumpsuit felt a flimsy, inadequate protection against the sharp-etched stone of the cave
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