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"A few weeks ago, you seemed pretty eager for a war. You wanted to be a war hero. How much do you want it, Spano? Enough to kill a quarter of a million people?"

"What are you talking about? How can I kill anyone if the laser is inoperative?"

John clenched his jaw. Spann had a short fuse. The way to get him to confess was to light it. He began to pace in a circle around Spano's chair.

"This is not a drill, Spano. We are tracking a terrorist Homeguard ship filled with nuclear explosives. If we don't stop it in the next eight hours, it will proceed to Babylon 5, where it will make a suicide run on the station and kill hundreds of thousands of humans and aliens. Some weapons expert aboard this ship has sabotaged our laser system, leaving us unarmed. I think about why someone would want to do that. Maybe they hate aliens. Maybe they don't like the idea of us living in peace with them. Maybe they wish we'd go back to war. And on all counts, Spano, you come up first on my list."

Spano was sitting up straight now, his head turning to follow John's course.

"But then I think of what a cowardly act this is. Sneaking around the ship, damaging systems. And in the aid of an even more cowardly act, the peacetime bombing of innocent civilians. And I remember that you thought mines were cowardly, and I think, how could Spano possibly be involved in something so low?"

"Captain, I'm not! I swear I didn't do anything."

Spano was nervous now.

"And then to deny it."

"But I didn't do anything."

John turned on him and began to yell.

"You want to convince me you're not responsible? Then give me information to help figure out who is. Because right now you're looking like the only game in town. And that means you better enjoy being spaced."

Spano held out his
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