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every minute that passed brought the cruiser and its load of explosives closer to the jump gate and Babylon 5. Corchoran came in, Spano behind him held by two guards. John stood.

"Where did you find him?"

"I was in the gym," Spano yelled, pulling against the guards.

"This is ridiculous. Ross orders us out during a battle alert and tells us to wait in the mess. I got sick of waiting. Don't you think this is a little extreme?"

The tense muscles in his neck stood out. John pulled a chair out into the center of the room.

"Sit down, Spano. And wait until I ask you a question."

John stepped aside with Corchoran.

"We found him near the gym," Corchoran said.

"He claimed he'd left the mess after a few minutes and that he'd been working out since then. He resisted coming with us."

John nodded.

"What about Timmons and Watley?"

Watley's transfer hadn't come through yet. She was another wild card. Corchoran's face was grim.

"I've questioned them both, Captain. They both have periods of time when they were alone in the last sixteen hours, but the times they claim to have been with others have checked out.

They both claim to have no involvement in the sabotage. I believe them."

"We need to gather more information. I want all the gunners questioned, particularly the ones who were on duty for the last sixteen hours. Check the ship's logs and see if they provide any evidence. I want to know who's used an EVA suit recently. Have the quarters of all four weapons officers searched. And check the crew records for anyone else with a weapons background."

"Yes, sir. Captain"

-Corchoran hesitated-"Do you think we should try to call in reinforcements?"

John had been considering this already. They were isolated in this sector, which is why the Homeguard
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