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puzzled face disappeared from the monitor than the Stellarcom terminal informed him he had an incoming communication. It was Dr. LeBlanc. Her smile was a little hard for Jeffs taste.

"Commander Sinclair. I appreciate your coming to me with this situation. I've discovered that there is indeed a mission to the rim. I've spoken to everyone concerned, including the president. We're quite concerned about the source of Ambassador Delenn's information. It's rather discomfiting to know that the Minbari are monitoring our scientific expeditions. Are you sure she didn't give any indication of where she got this information?"


He leaned forward.

"Doctor, what is the purpose of the expedition?"

"And she gave no indication what this alleged danger was?"

Jeff's good feelings were rapidly dissipating.

"Only that it was a threat to all of us. Doctor, can I assume from this that you are going to refuse Ambassador Delenn's request?"

"We cannot set a precedent of letting other races limit our explorations and progress. What kind of position would that put us in? She hasn't even given us any concrete reason to grant her request."

"You don't believe any danger exists, do you?"

LeBlanc ran her index finger out along her jaw.

"Frankly, I think there is a danger. To the Minbari. I think we must be on the verge of discovering something so powerful they don't want us to have it. Which is all the more reason to continue with this mission."

Paranoia, self-interest, a hunger for power-and he was supposed to be running a station devoted to peace.

"Have you been in touch with the ship? Have they reported any trouble?" LeBlanc brought her hand back down to the desk.

"The ship is temporarily out of contact. But they've reported nothing out of the ordinary.
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