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been created a monster. If Donne were long dead, Anna would have felt sorry for her.' But since she wasn't long dead, and might not be dead at all, Anna felt only fear. This woman loved to kill; it was her life.

Anna took a deep breath and resumed her work. She tied the delicate turquoise bow, returned the roll to its place under the pillow. Just in case Donne was still alive. Just in case she came back. She left the room unseen, found Morden waiting outside her quarters.

"Sorry I'm late. We better head down there."

"What's wrong?" Morden asked.

Anna began to walk, and he followed in the narrow passage.

"What do you think happened to Chang?" she asked.

"Donne killed him."


"I'm not sure," Morden said.

"It may have something to do with the egg. He may have confronted her about her arrangement with Captain Hidalgo. He may have caught her taking something."

"But what was her plan?"

"If you're asking me, then you must have a pretty good idea."

She stopped.

"I expect better from you."

He nodded.

"I don't know. I only have a theory. And it's probably the same one as yours. The only way for her to smuggle artifacts back undetected would be if she eliminated at least the entire science team, possibly some of the crew as well."

"But why would Psi Corps go to such lengths over this?"

Morden tilted his head.

"You were there."

"I know. Terrence Hilliard. Donne said he would never recover."

Morden hesitated, as if he expected her to say more, then let out an odd laugh.

"I thought you knew. It wasn't just Terrence Hilliard who was caught in that feedback loop. Every telepath with Terrence's rating-P5-or below within a three-mile radius of your lab became a gibbering vegetable. They did a good job of covering it up, but
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