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the threat really serious enough to justify this? Yet Donne may have already completed half of her task. She thought of Chang, and she remembered now as they had removed the body from the crawler, she had gone to smooth his wispy, wind-whipped hair. There had been an odd patch on the side of his head, stubbly and short. Donne had cut away some of his hair to keep. That was why Chang's helmet had been removed.

The thought that Donne would treat Chang like some sort of trophy made Anna sick with fury. She searched the room again frantically, now late for her meeting with Morden. But she found nothing else. Her lips pulled back from her teeth, she crouched down and began to roll the satin rectangle back up. As she reached the top, she saw the finger again, and the ring, and something made her look up at the photograph displayed on the dresser.

The father's hand, holding the mother's tight against him. He was wearing a ring, gold and wide, like the one on the finger. It was too small in the photograph to see details, but it looked like it could have been the same ring. She looked back down at the signet ring in the pouch, found it was embossed with the letter D, in a simple, sans serif typeface that made the letter look almost like a half-circle. Donne. She had killed her own father.

Then Anna remembered the small scar on Donne's cheek, in the shape of a D. The size of the scar matched the size of the letter on the ring. She felt Donne's life laid out before her, the way she sometimes felt on a dig about someone long dead. There had been an initial hurt, a scar on her face, the buildup of scar tissue, calluses, the acceptance into a group, Psi Corps, the new feeling of power, the desire to exercise that power, to celebrate it, to memorialize it. Out of the past had
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