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lined in neat ranks-it all spoke of a military training. Anna had thought Donne looked more like a soldier than a telepath when they'd first met.

The insignia must belong to a special unit of Psi Corps, perhaps a unit with military training of some kind, like the Psi Cops, but not dedicated to tracking down rogue telepaths, instead dedicated to . . . eliminating threats to telepaths?

Donne appeared to be an expert killer. Was that what she had been trained to do? Anna began to pace in the tiny space, carefully avoiding the satin roll. Donne's killings could be her own-hobby-unrelated to her position in Psi Corps, but the inclusion of the insignia in the pouch suggested a connection. Why would Psi Corps have sent an assassin on the expedition? Donne had made some kind of arrangement with Hidalgo. He was going to smuggle artifacts for her. But what artifacts? As Chang had wondered, had she expected to pocket them under the science team's noses and sneak them back to the Icarus? Or had she planned to sneak catalogued items out of the hold and expected no one would notice?

It seemed unlikely she could get them by the entire science team's notice. Theft had been a constant danger throughout the history of archaeology, and they took automatic precautions to prevent it. Killing Chang wouldn't be enough. They were all meticulous when it came to mapping and cataloguing. Those were an archaeologist's life. She would have had to kill the entire science team. And perhaps with Hidalgo's help, it could all have been passed off as an accident, a terrible accident that had destroyed all the artifacts. Anna was exhausted, and the theory smacked of paranoia. Why would Psi Corps be so desperate to keep this technology away from anyone else?

Terrence had been hurt, yes, but was
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