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guessed the picture had been taken about twenty years before. She turned the frame over and opened it in the hope that someone had labeled the back of the picture. But it was blank. Anna refastened the frame and turned it back over.

The woman's smile seemed about as natural as Morden's, and she had raised a hand as if waving-hello or good-bye?-to someone. With her bright clothes and teased hair, she looked as if she were trying very hard to present a cheery exterior. The man had grabbed the woman's other hand and held it up against his stomach as if preventing her from moving. His whole body seemed stiff. He had the same wide shoulders as Donne, the same hard jawline. The man's expression was closed, clenched. They must be her parents, Anna thought. It seemed odd that Donne would bring their picture with her, perhaps because Anna had never thought of Donne as actually having parents.

It seemed especially odd that Donne would choose this picture, which didn't seem to show her parents in the best light. Anna returned the picture to the dresser and continued to search the room. It was a small room, with few potential hiding places. The bed was made tightly, precisely -the military mind-set again. That was why she was so surprised when under the pillow she discovered a satin lingerie roll. Anna couldn't imagine Donne ever wearing lingerie.

It seemed so totally opposed to what she was, and to everything else in the room. The roll was a soft, glossy turquoise, about eighteen inches long and five inches thick. In disbelief, she untied the delicate turquoise string, let the roll unroll. It formed a rectangle approximately eighteen inches by thirty, the rectangle broken up into smaller rectangular pockets of varying sizes, their covers transparent silk so their contents
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