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Alpha Omega 3, and given that you have much more information about this planet and its technology than you have shared with us, perhaps you would send us the information we need to do our jobs, or send people whom you would entrust with that information.

"I have encountered life on this planet, and I have reason to believe it may be hostile, that it may be responsible for our missing crew. But that may not surprise you."

Her voice was beginning to shake, and this message had gone on far longer than she had intended.

"You sent us in with no warning, knowing that this race, thousands of years more advanced than us, might still be alive. You didn't want to confront them, so you sent us in as pawns."

She forced herself to stop. There was no point to this, and no time. She let out a breath.

"I'm attaching Dr. Chang's last message to you. End."

She sent the message up to Razor, then headed for Donne's quarters. She had to know if Donne had killed Chang, and why. Donne's quarters were identical to Anna's: bed and narrow closet on the left, dresser/desk combination on the right, narrow passage in between leading to the tiny bathroom at the back. Donne's possessions were minimal, and organized with military precision: several black suits, shoes, identicard, a credit chit, toilet-ries, a pair of pajamas, several pairs of gloves, socks, underwear, the small lead box with the mouse fragment inside. The only personal touch appeared to be a photograph in a simple frame on her dresser. It showed a man and a woman standing outside the door of a house.

They were both in their thirties, both blond, the man's harsh face carrying a strong resemblance to Donne's. From the style of the clothes-the man's shirt had a wide collar, the woman's skirt was short and neon-pink-she
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