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right now and send it up to you on the command deck. Let me know if you're able to get through to the orbiter."

Razor nodded and started to squeeze past her.

"Wait," Anna said quietly, lowering her head.

"I'm sorry to be sending you with Captain Hidalgo. If there was another way I could break the team up, I would."

Razor had been struck silent by her tone.

"He can't be trusted," Anna said.

"He made an agreement with Donne to smuggle artifacts for Psi Corps. Chang found out about it, and Hidalgo took the com system off line so Chang couldn't report him."

She reached into the pocket of her baggy sweater.

"I want you to have this."

She laid the PPG in his callused hand, closed his fingers around it.

"Chang gave it to me."

"And look what happened to him," Razor said with a weak exhalation of a laugh.

His lost-dog eyes looked up at her.

"Shouldn't you keep this?"

"I'll be with Morden. I won't need it."

"You sure?"

"Take it. I feel guilty enough sending you off with Captain Cutthroat as it is."

He pocketed the gun.

"A razor beats a cutthroat in any poker hand."

And then she was alone. She made the message brief.

"Mr. Galovich, Dr. Chang is dead. He was shot by a PPG. We don't know who shot him, though it appears to be a member of his party. The remaining members of his party-Doctors Churlstein, Scott, and Petrovich, Ms. Donne, and forty techs-are missing. The egg artifact that Dr. Chang was investigating is also missing. Conditions on the planet are interfering with communications and scanners. We can read no life signs and are picking up no locator beacons from their links. We are going out to search for our missing crew in twenty-five minutes.

"Given that IPX, as well as other organizations, has a high interest in
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