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hour to prep the EVA suits and organize our teams. If it can be done in that time, we'll do it. Standish, I want you on the runners. Razor, can you work with Captain Hidalgo on sending out a message?"

Razor nodded.

"If we can just get our message to the orbiter, we can order the orbiter to retransmit from there. I'll need your code to access the orbiter, unless you want to do it."

"Shouldn't we be armed," Favorito asked, tapping his glasses against the table,

"against-whoever killed Dr. Chang?"

Anna could see Favorito with a PPG, shooting at anything that moved.

"I don't want to give arms to a group of people who aren't trained to use them. We'd end up with a lot more shootings that way. If you feel you want a weapon, bring a tool or a piece of equipment that you know how to use."

Anna took a deep breath, let it out. She wished for John, wished it with a depth she'd never felt before. She wasn't trained for this sort of situation. She didn't want anyone else to die. They were all depending on her.

"I want your teams briefed and ready to go in a half hour. No later. Our team members are counting on us to find them. We have to come through for them. Go."

As they filed out, she realized Morden had not spoken through the entire meeting. His features were relaxed, an unfamiliar peace in them. She wished she could feel so calm. She approached him. He was wearing the necklace, had been since she'd given it to him.

"Can you brief our team and meet me in my quarters in twenty minutes?"

"Do you need me for anything else?"

"Just keep an eye on . . . everyone."

He nodded, left.

Razor remained, waiting for her access code. He had refastened his comp-pad to his belt and stood as if at a loss. She told him the code.

"I'll record the message
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