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this and get back to you."

"Please hurry, Doctor. I believe this danger is very real. And even if you don't, as a matter of interplanetary relations it may be in our best interests to cooperate with the Minbari. The peaceful resolution of diplomatic issues such as this is the main reason President Santiago began the Babylon Project."

LeBlanc gave him a tight smile.

"I'm well aware of the diplomatic implications, Commander. I'll be in touch."

The Stellarcom logo returned to the monitor. Jeff heaved a sigh and leaned back in his chair, rubbing the knot in his neck. He could do nothing more until he heard back from her. Nothing more, except deal with the nine hundred ninety-nine other crises that had to be resolved within the next forty-eight hours.

* * *

"Go to battle-alert status," John ordered.

In this empty place between stars, the two ships ahead of them were not even visible on the large observation screen. John kept his distance. That was how he wanted it. If he couldn't see them, they couldn't see him. John had directed the Agamemnon to stand by during the transfer of explosives at the limit of their scanner range. The Agamemnon's scanners could monitor the enemy ships, but with this new stealth technology, Lochschmanan had assured him neither Nam nor human vessels could scan the Agamemnon.

"The shuttle is returning to the Nam ship, Captain," Corchoran said.

"I believe the transfer has been made."

John had thought that perhaps Corchoran would liven up when they saw some action, but his mood still seemed gloomy, somber. Maybe it was just a misleading impression his features gave. Corchoran checked the scanner readout.

"Nam ship is pulling away and opening a jump point."

"Good. What's the cruiser doing?"

"The cruiser has
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