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I have a rather serious situation on my hands, and I need to ask your help."

"I'm intrigued. Ask away."

"The Minbari ambassador contacted me earlier today. She said that we have a vessel en route to a planet near the rim, Alpha Omega 3, and that it must be recalled. Senator Hidoshi referred me to you in the belief that this must be a science vessel of some kind. Ambassador Delenn called this a matter of gravest importance, and said the ship poses a potential danger to all of us."

LeBlanc straightened.

"A ship near the rim? I'm not aware of any such mission. It must be from the private sector. Did she give the name of the ship or any other information?"

"Unfortunately, no."

"Do you know the source of her information?"

"No. She..."

"Did she explain why the Minbari had taken an interest in this expedition?"

"She said that many lives were at stake. She wouldn't say any more than that."

LeBlanc tapped a polished, pointed fingernail against her desktop.

"What's your take on this ambassador, Commander Sinclair?"

"I've only known Ambassador Delenn a short time, but I've found her honest, and she is not prone to exaggeration. If she says there is a serious danger, I believe her."

He surprised himself with his words. He had only known Delenn a short time, and here he was going out on a limb for her. But he did believe the danger was real, and if it was, he had to do everything he could to help. LeBlanc ran her index finger along her jaw.

"Surely you can't believe the Minbari ambassador is being totally forthright?"

"I didn't say she wasn't keeping secrets. But that doesn't mean that what she has told us isn't true."

"You have an interesting outlook, Commander. In any case, I don't know of any mission to the rim. I'll have to check on
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