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the rest of her group and ordered them to return to the crawlers. Her leg muscles ached as she trudged back through the wind. Morden fell in beside her.

"You're going to have to watch your back," he said. "You're in charge now."


Jaffrey Sinclair rested his head in his hands.

"Tell e it's all resolved, Michael."

"It's almost resolved?" Garibaldi replied.

"Try again. Harder."

He was dealing with a thousand crises, and he'd like to have a simple resolution to one of them.

"It will be resolved, as soon as I track down Marco."

Jeff's head came up.

"You haven't found Marco yet?" Garibaldi raised his hands.

"We've tracked him to Brown 3. We're almost there. Just give us another hour."

"Fine. Just don't show your face around here until you've got him. Less than forty-eight hours to our dedication ceremony and the whole place falls apart."

Garibaldi slid his hands into his pockets.

"Ready to start looking for another job?"

"I'm ready to ask for a raise. Now get out of here."

Garibaldi left the office, and Jeff leaned back in his chair, contemplating all the other crises demanding his attention. His top priority was still to follow up on Ambassador Delenn's request. He'd talked to Senator Hidoshi, who had referred him to President Santiago's science advisor, Dr. LeBlanc. Then chaos had taken over. He put through a call to the doctor, and after a minute it went through, and she appeared on the Stellarcom monitor.

"Doctor, I'm Jeffrey Sinclair, commander of Babylon 5."

"I've been hoping to have the opportunity to meet you. Congratulations on your appointment."

She was an elegant woman in her fifties, her platinum-blond hair swept back, a scarf fastened with a gold pin at her shoulder.

"Thank you. I'm afraid
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