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missing, not people.

"I want you to check back in with me every five minutes until you get back to the Icarus."

"Okay. Anna stood, directed two nearby techs to take Chang's body back to the crawler. As they picked him up, and his arms flopped loosely back and forth, she brought her fist up to her mouth, the action kept from completion by her helmet. She'd barely spoken to Chang since she'd listened to his message, furious at him for withholding information that could have helped her research. Over the years he'd helped her again and again. He'd listened to her, guided her. So what if he played the corporate game, kept their secrets, told their lies?

He'd been good to her, and she'd failed him. As second in command of the mission, she should have been looking out for his safety. He'd warned her about the danger, and she hadn't taken him seriously. What if he'd known that Donne posed a serious threat? Perhaps he'd taken her in his party to keep Anna out of danger. And Anna had gladly let him. Even watching his EVA suit disappear into the dust, she couldn't believe he was gone. Her body was trembling all over. She forced calm into her voice.

"Morden, can you show me exactly where the egg was?"

He walked up to the pillar, stepped back a few paces, then took a few steps left.

"The center of it was just about here. Then it extended about twenty feet to each side, and fifteen feet to the front and back."

Anna stood beside him and did a slow circle, staring into the dust.

"They couldn't have moved it," Morden repeated.

"Then either someone else moved it," Anna said, "or it moved itself."

"Watch your step," Morden said.

To her right, a crevasse in the stone widened from a few inches to about two feet across, remaining at that width for about ten feet
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