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taken that out."

"He could never have shot anyone."

Morden's face had the careful smile on it, and Anna realized how uncomfortable he was with the reminder of death. Anna sandwiched the PPG in her gloves, extended it toward Morden.

"Here. You take this. No one else knew he had it."

"You should keep it. You might need it."

"I already have one. Here."

Morden took the gun, slipped it into his pocket.

"He looks very peaceful, doesn't he? There's something reassuring about seeing him like this."

Favorito stumbled to his feet beside Anna.

"You're sick!" he yelled at Morden, and then he walked away into the dust.

Anna couldn't understand why Chang's helmet had been removed. If someone wanted to kill him, suffocation from the carbon monoxide would take way too long. She remembered catching him asleep once, in his office at the University of Chicago, slumped back in his chair, head tilted to the side. He looked like that now, as if he could open his eyes at any moment. She linked out to Razor's group.

"Razor. This is Sheridan. We found Dr. Chang. He's dead. He's been shot by a PPG."

There was no response. Anna's calmness was wearing away. She could feel the wind scraping it away, the panic beneath it beginning to rise.


"I heard. I can't believe it."

There was some static on the transmission, but she had no trouble reading him.

"What happened?"

"That's all we know so far. What have you found?"

"We've done a thorough search of both crawlers," Razor said.

"No one is here."

Anna felt a strange tightness around her throat.

"Split your group between Chang's two crawlers and take them back to the Icarus immediately. We'll follow. Keep scanning for locator beacons from the missing EVA suits."

As if only suits were
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