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had a built-in locator beacon. Razor looked like a lost dog.

"I got a reading on one, near the pillar."

Anna's heart was pounding.

"We'll split into two groups. Razor and Standish, take group one and check out the crawlers. I'll take group two with Morden and Favorito to the area around the pillar."

Razor looked back down at the scanners, as if their readouts might have changed.

"Go," Anna said.

Outside, the dust and sand seemed to have intensified. Visibility averaged around thirty-five feet. Occasionally Anna could see farther than that, though occasionally the dust came so fast and furious that she couldn't see the ground. Since it was uneven, that could be treacherous.

"Stay together," she said to Razor and Standish as they headed off with their group of twenty techs.

Anna had her group stand in a line an arm's width apart and then sweep down toward the area of the pillar. If anything was here, she wanted to find it. She prayed that, whatever had happened to the egg, Chang and his party were in the crawlers safe and sound, waiting out the storm. But what could have happened to the egg? She thought of those eyes on her, watching her as if they had been watching her. If there was still a living race on this planet-underground perhaps, or somehow shielded-had they detected the probe and expected the Icarus? Were they watching, now?

She told herself she was jumping to conclusions, focused on keeping her footing on the uneven stony ground.

"I see someone!"

Favorito yelled. He was pointing ahead. There, about ten feet to the right of the pillar, was the white of an EVA suit. It lay against the ground, partially covered by sand and dust. Favorito broke ranks and ran ahead, and Anna followed. The white swam in and out of vision like a ghost,
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