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saw the tech who drove their crawler standing behind Razor.

"Get us over to Chang's site, now. Tell our other crawler to follow."

"Yes, Doctor."

The tech headed toward the front of the crawler.

"I really don't think the storm is anything to worry about," Razor said.

"The crawlers can handle it. Chang is probably already back at the Icarus."

"Let's just make sure," Anna said.

"Keep trying to reach Chang."

Razor nodded and headed for the front of the crawler. Standish remained, watchful, curious.

"Standish, could you get me the latest readings on the storm?"

Standish reluctantly retreated. As the crawler started to move, the techs all found seats in one of the two rows that lined the crawler's sides, facing center. The large open center section was still filled with the sonic probe and other heavy equipment they had meant to leave at the site. Instead of going up front with the rest of the archaeological team, Anna pulled Morden and Favorito, still attached to her, to three empty seats. The camera followed. Right now Anna didn't know what to think. She was ashamed of her performance in the caves, running away like a schoolgirl in a spook house. Chang was probably fine, was probably back at the Icarus. But she was no longer sure. What she had seen changed everything. She tried not to think of it.

"What happened in there?" Favorito asked.

She forced her fingers to open, releasing Favorito's arm, and linked down to their subgroup. Her hand shook slightly.

"Deactivate that camera."

Favorito took hold of the camera and deactivated it, setting it on the floor beside him.

"I don't want you to tell anyone about that nodule we found," Anna said.

"Not until I give the okay."

She waited until they both nodded.

"What was it?" Morden
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