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even now be arriving at Z'ha'dum. Her office was a medium-sized, functional room, yet with its few carefully placed crystals, she thought it fostered an environment of peace. Today, however, that peace seemed to elude her. She ordered her assistant, Nerid, from the room, composed herself as best she could, and put through the call.

She was soon connected to Commander Sinclair, who appeared to be in his quarters on Babylon 5.

"Ambassador Delenn. I hope you'll be rejoining us in time for the dedication ceremony."

Delenn had not had much personal contact with him yet, but the commander projected a warmth, intelligence, and honesty that made him seem superior to other humans.

"I have been delayed, Commander, but I plan to leave for Babylon 5 shortly. Unfortunately, an urgent matter requires your attention. I hope you may be of some help."

His eyebrows-a most expressive feature on humans -rose.

"I'll do what I can, Ambassador."

"An Earth vessel has been sent to a planet near the rim of known space. You call this planet by the name of" -she checked her notes-"Alpha Omega 3. This ship must be recalled immediately. It is a matter of the gravest importance."

"Minbari territory is nowhere near the rim. What is your interest in this matter?"

She chose her words carefully.

"The vessel poses a potential danger to us all, Commander."

His eyebrows now contracted.

"What kind of danger?"

"I am not at liberty to say more. But many lives, far more than those aboard that ship, lie in the balance. You must have that ship recalled, Commander Sinclair. Please do everything in your power."

"What is on Alpha Omega 3, Ambassador?"

She took a step forward.

"I hope, in the new spirit of cooperation among our races, and as the first diplomatic challenge
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