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in the shadows gave the impression of rising.

With it rose an odd, symmetrical pattern of dim lights, like a tiny constellation separated by aeons of cold space, and as she looked longingly toward that tiny, distant constellation of light rising through the darkness and it stopped even with her at eye level, her depth perception shifted, and the lights were no longer at a vast distance but inches from her face, and they were no longer stars but eyes, that were watching and had been watching, tiny suns of knowledge, malice, and desire, an ancient intelligence, a furnace of hunger that engulfed star systems and galaxies, that unfolded inside her a black well, as if all her life she'd been hollow, waiting only for this moment to open, need burning through her like a scream. She stumbled back, her oxygen tank jamming into her spine as she hit the ground. Morden was beside her.

"Are you all right?"

She grabbed on to him, pulled herself to her feet. She was gasping, couldn't catch her breath. She took his hand, grabbed for Favorito and got his arm, began pulling them, crouching, away from the nodule.

"What is it?"

Morden was looking back over his shoulder. As she pulled on them they began to run uphill, toward the tiny glimmer of blue light enveloped in darkness.


Undress her robe of office behind, Delenn hurried from the Great Hall and out into the sunlit, crystalline passages of the city, which glittered with the brilliance of spring. She had no time to appreciate them. She was anxious to take action now that the Grey Council had authorized it, for she had lost a day already since Kosh had contacted her, and she sensed that every moment was precious.

Kosh would not have called on her if the situation were not critical. The ship might
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