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unsurprised-he said when communications broke down that he assumed Donne must be responsible, and that Donne must have help among the crew-but he was hungry for details, details which, unfortunately, Anna couldn't provide. But at least she felt she had an ally. Even at her most paranoid, she found it hard to believe Churlstein, Favorito, Razor, or Scott would do anything to hamper the expedition, but neither did she think it would do her any good to confide in them and try to enlist their help. They would probably go straight to Chang in disbelief, or if they didn't, they might become victims of the power struggle that was sure to erupt. As second in command, she had to keep their safety in mind. She, Morden, and Favorito gathered their equipment. Anna had to readjust her old tool belt to get it around the EVA suit.

She and Favorito each had preferred hand tools they carried with them all the time, from hi-tech sonic scrapers to the old dependable trowels and brushes to Anna's favorite antique dental picks. Then there was the larger equipment: scanners, lights, and a camera. Anna directed them to travel as light as possible, since this was just a scouting trip. Of course Favorito brought his ever-present comp-pad.

It bothered Anna a bit that Morden's tools were all new, standard issue. They went along with his smooth palms. He must do most of his work behind a computer, not in the field. They reprogrammed the links in their suits to treat the three of them as a subgroup. That way they could communicate among each other automatically, and link out of the subgroup to the main group when they wanted to talk to the rest of their party. Favorito activated the camera, a saucer the size of a dinner plate that floated along behind him like a trusty dog, automatically recording
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