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of beauty and order, the harmony of the spheres. The peace of its silent passage through space, the symmetry of its form, the unity of its functioning wove through its melody. It served willingly, faithfully. Within the song, Kosh Naranek altered its course, and the ship with joy slipped the surly bonds of gravity and turned onto its new heading. Kosh reviewed the data that had been sent to him. The perceptions of the Vorlon buoys were clear. The danger was imminent. He had known this day would come for three years. He had waited. He entered his encounter suit, sent out the communication that was his only recourse.

"Ambassador Kosh," said the one called Nerid, with a bow.

"We are honored by your call. Ambassador Delenn is just preparing to return to Babylon 5. We hear that you will be joining her there for the dedication ceremony."

Delenn approached, dismissing Nerid. She bowed, her expression anxious.

"This is most unexpected."

The voice generated by the encounter suit echoed.

"The humans have gone to Z'ha'dum."

For long moments she was silent, and he was reminded again how strongly the younger races instinctively avoided the truth.

"What possible interest could they have there? By what means could they have even found it?"

"They must be recalled."

"What will they find there?"

"The past. And the future. Stop them."

He ended the communication, having conveyed all the necessary information. Delenn liked to question, and he did not like to answer. He removed himself from the encounter suit, immersing himself again in the music, the music that would bring him to Z'ha'dum. He could do nothing there, but he must know what would happen. He would arrive just before the Earth vessel, if Delenn was unable to have it recalled. The humans themselves
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