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whole expedition into jeopardy. By herself I don't think there's much she can do. But I don't believe I can run an effective expedition with the captain cooperating with Psi Corps. We depend on the captain. I know I don't have the authority to remove him. I need you to give me the authority to remove him, or to order him to step down yourself. I'm not sure how much of the crew is part of his plan. He must have some of them involved in order to do what he's promising."

Chang paused again, and Anna could see him attempting to calm himself.

"Please get back to me on this A-S-A-P. The ship is our lifeline back to you."

He stared blankly ahead for a few moments, then, as if coming back to life, with a deep breath he straightened.

"Oh, as per your request, I ran a scan of the sector. There are no other ships, biomechanical or otherwise, within our scanning range. This and the failure of the orbiter to detect any ships or other activity supports Dr. Morden's hypothesis that the ships you tracked here from Mars were on automatic and have perhaps gone into a dormant state, like Dr. Sheridan 's mouse. But that's still quite speculative at this point....

I'll be waiting to hear from you. I know tomorrow-today-is a holiday, but please do whatever it takes to get the authorization. We'll be making planetfall in thirty-one hours, and I don't want to do it with Captain Hidalgo in command."

The message ended. Anna had glanced nervously toward the empty corridor throughout the entire message. Now she spoke quickly.

"Copy message two. Send copy to mailbox access code 120349. End."

She brought a hand to her mouth. The first part of the message was frightening enough: the captain couldn't be trusted. But the second part implied something much worse: Chang couldn't be

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