Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

was picking at the callus on his index finger, and his chest was heaving, as if he couldn't catch his breath. She'd never seen him this upset.

"This is an unscheduled report."

His tone was carefully neutral.

"It's twenty-five minutes after midnight on New Year's Day. The team was holding a New Year's Eve party. I left a few minutes after midnight to go to bed. I decided to stop at the observation deck for a few minutes. On the way there, I happened to catch a glimpse of Ms. Donne down a side corridor. I followed her. She met with Captain Hidalgo. I didn't hear everything they said, but I heard enough to know that they have made an arrangement of some kind, I'm not sure of the scope of it...."

The word caught in his. throat, and he paused, swallowing.

"He has agreed to smuggle artifacts for her that will be turned over to Psi Corps once we reach Earth. I don't know whether she plans to get the artifacts past us into the ship, or whether she simply plans to take them out of our inventory somehow.

I've cooperated with Ms. Donne on a limited basis, per your instructions, but this puts our

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