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"only a few members of the team are checked out on the probe. And I don't know how any of them would have the expertise to delete the probe record. I couldn't do it."

"I've never tried," Chang said.

Anna leaned forward, her knees nearly touching Chang's in the cramped quarters.

"Could Donne have gotten your access code telepathically?"

"I suppose so. Though that would violate one of the basic tenets of. Psi Corps. But even if she did, she wouldn't know how to operate the probe."

"I know, but she's the person I least trust."

"You're way too trusting."

Chang waved a tired hand.

"You should widen your horizons. There are one hundred thirty-nine people on this ship to mistrust."

Chang seemed a bit paranoid to her. But even if he was right, only a handful of people could operate the probe. Petrovich and Standish. Favorito, Razor, and Scott. Chang himself. And Anna. She didn't know if Morden was checked out on it or not.

"But what's the motivation? What does anyone gain by knocking the probe out? It hampers our advance planning, but we will still get there, we will still find whatever we're going to find."

Chang picked at his callus.

"I don't know."

"We have to find who did this. Keep them away from the dig so they can't cause any more harm."

"Sheridan, we're not set up to mount an investigation."

"I could do it. I could question the crew, check the ship's logs. What else are we going to do now until we get to the site?"

"We have no evidence. You'd never be able to prove anything."

"How do you know until we look?"

Chang's eyes met hers.

"It's not what IPX wants."

That stopped her. She didn't know how to react.

"What does IPX want?" Chang's voice had taken on its neutral tone.

"They want us to do our jobs, and come
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