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visual was there, and at her command the data and readouts came up. She watched as the probe went about its business for a few minutes, then, at the point Chang must have called for manual control, the interior of the helmet went black. She pulled the helmet off.


It looked as if the module had somehow stopped recording when the probe was put under manual control. This seemed like a possible mechanical glitch, except that Anna knew it was impossible. Last night in her quarters, excited by her discovery, she had played back sections of the probe record from that day. It had existed. She had to talk to Chang.

"I haven't had the probe on manual since that first session yesterday morning," Chang said.

"I meant to get up this morning and get on, but I guess you beat me to it."

The drained, slack look that had seemed vanquished since he'd boarded the Icarus had returned; he looked older sitting in the narrow chair in his pajamas, his rounded stomach and knobby knees poking at the fabric. His weathered cheeks were covered with a white stubble. The news of the loss of the probe had hit him hard.

"Did you give anyone else access?" Anna asked.

"Or did anyone else know your access code?"

"No. Only you and I had access, and only you know my access code."

He rubbed his eyes with one callused hand. She'd woken him up when she'd rung at

his quarters. He'd asked the same questions, and come to the same conclusion, that Anna had: someone had put the probe out of commission and covered the evidence by erasing the probe record. His hand came down with a slap against his leg.

"How are we supposed to do a decent job with all this damn intrigue going on?"

"Even if someone had your access code," Anna said,
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