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faction responsible for the destruction of the lo jump gate. An agent of ours has infiltrated the group. He reports that they plan to attempt to blow up Babylon 5 at its dedication ceremonies next month. They are currently arranging a major buy of nuclear explosives from the Narns. We don't yet know where or when, but our agent will be privy to this information. The Agamemnon will intercept the Homeguard ship after the buy."

"Sir, you know some of the problems we've been having. To send out the ship this quickly, on this crucial a mission, seems... Why us, sir?"

"This decision comes from the top, Captain. Those at home are still very unsettled by the previous terrorist attack and the failure to apprehend those responsible. Now there is a threat to Babylon 5, after four previous failures. It weakens our reputation, not only among our own populace, but among alien governments. It weakens the authority of our stated desire for peace. That is why they want you, John, the hero of the Earth-Minbari War, making secure the peace. It will send a message to those who oppose peace, both at home and abroad."

"But sir, with all due respect, is it worth endangering the mission, Babylon 5, and all those on-station in order to send a message?"

"No, it's not. And that's why I expect your crew to be in exemplary form before I have to send you out. So get to work, Captain."

John let out a breath.

"Yes, sir."

The general terminated the communication. It was time to show Earthforce that their faith in him wasn't misplaced. Hundreds of thousands of lives depended on it. As John stumbled into the vibe shower, the memory of his dream returned. It was past midnight now; their anniversary was over. John felt horrible that he hadn't had the chance to see Anna, or even call her.
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