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that I'm hearing someone else's thoughts in a dream. Not like what I've read the telepathic experience is like at all."

"Only Ms. Donne could tell us that, I suppose."

Anna realized then that Morden's smile was sometimes genuine, sometimes not. The trick was figuring out which and when. The room fell into an awkward silence.

"Dr. Chang," Ms. Donne said, "will you be focusing the expedition on this egg?"

"It would be premature to make a commitment like that. Yet at this point it does seem a find of major importance."

"Is there more data on it?"

Chang tilted his head curiously.

"Yes, the probe's records are available for downloading, if you'd care to study them."

After a hesitation, he picked up where he had left off.

"We have only eight days until launch. There's a lot to do. Study the data and get your recommendations to Sheridan. Coordinate through her."

There was some impassioned speculation as the team broke up. Anna managed to excuse herself and caught up with Donne about twenty feet down the narrow passage.

"I wanted to officially welcome you to the team. I wasn't aware of your archaeological expertise."

Donne gave a tight, humorless smile, the skin wrinkling under the small D-shaped scar on her cheek.

"I'm not on your team, Dr. Sheridan. At least give me some credit for admitting that, unlike that sleaze Morden. If I were you, I'd be keeping your eyes on him."

"Thanks for the advice."

Donne must be great at her job, Anna thought, whatever it was. Her personality certainly didn't win her any brownie points.

"So what can we expect you to contribute to this expedition?"

"If there's any technology uncovered that poses a threat to telepaths, I'm here to make sure Psi Corps knows about it. Without me on site, we'd never
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