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over the entire area the probe has scanned thus far. They are made of the native sedimentary rock. Other structures..."

-he pointed to a scattering of large, worn hexagonal blocks of stone that had just come into the foreground-"...made of the same rock existed in this area, though they did not survive while the pillars did. A fascinating paradox. In the background, you'll notice the mountain profile contains some spiky anomalies that suggest artificial constructs. The probe has not visited that area yet."

"The most exciting find was discovered at the base of the tallest pillar scanned thus far."

A new image appeared on the screen, more static-distorted than the previous ones. The probe panned down the length of a huge pillar perhaps twenty yards away. At its base an ovoid object sat in shadow, only its silhouette visible.

"The egg, as I've been calling it, is approximately ten yards high, fifteen yards long."

About the size of a house, Anna thought.

"While the visual is unclear, preliminary scans indicate that the egg is riddled with numerous indentations and tunnels, almost, perhaps, like a piece of Piridian sculpture."

He flipped through a series of scans then, which revealed a twisting, intricate structure honeycombing the object. Anna wished he would go slower and cover the data in more depth. She saw similarities to the mouse, though this object was much more complex.

"These irregularities indicate a color mottling on the surface of the object that appears almost runic in structure. These mottling patterns continue within the holes and tunnels. They may form lettering of some kind, though how they were created is unclear. While we initially assumed the egg was carved from the same sedimentary rock as the pillars, test results were inconclusive.
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