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She knew absolutely nothing about archaeology.

Now Anna understood why Chang had seemed so ill at ease. IPX had granted Donne a place on board. The pressure from Psi Corps must have been terrific. It must be related to Terrence: Psi Corps concerned about the effect of the mouse; IPX launching an expedition to the planet that might be the home of the technology that created the mouse. Everything was starting to come together now.

The expedition would be under a microscope. It all had to do with power, as Chang had said. Perhaps Petrovich and Standish were there to keep watch over Chang himself. And then there was the final member of the archaeological team, on loan from Earthforce.

Earthforce employees contracted out to IPX had occasionally accompanied expeditions, but IPX preferred to bring in Earthforce personnel after they had something to sell and had calculated an asking price. The few expeditions Anna had heard about them participating in were usually follow-up missions, after the preliminary archaeology had been done and a tentative deal struck with Earthforce. At least this Earthforce contract employee had a Ph.D. in archaeology, with a specialty in archaeo-linguistics. They needed a linguist on the expedition. She looked through the file on him that Chang had included. It didn't contain much information.

The Ph.D. was earned at a mediocre college, and then he'd gone straight to work for the government. No teaching, no research. Anna knew a good part of her feeling was snobbery, but she tended, along with most of her colleagues, to look down on scientists who did not stay grounded in academia, particularly scientists who worked for the government. Dr. Chang was the only scientist she knew who worked full-time in a corporate environment and kept his scientific
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