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excavation of the site. The Icarus, owned by IPX and commanded by Captain Hidalgo, had a crew and science support staff of one hundred and thirty. The facilities on the Icarus seemed to be more sophisticated than those on previous ships she'd taken. The support staff seemed well trained in the operation of heavy equipment like crawlers, dozers, drills, sonic probes, and resonance imagers as well as in the more delicate washes and separation techniques.

When she'd first looked at the equipment manifest, she'd thought they must have made a mistake. It read like her ultimate wish list of toys and tools for a dig. A few items she hadn't even heard of. She couldn't believe they could afford all this and stay on budget, so she jumped to the budget analysis. The expedition had a budget over four times that of any other expedition she'd been on. Chang was right. There was too much interest in this.

The archaeological team numbered ten. Since Anna had gone on most of her expeditions with Dr. Chang, and Chang, a creature of habit, liked using the same people again and again, Anna expected to see the usual suspects. Doctors Churlstein, Favorito, Razor, and Scott she all knew fairly well. Two other archaeologists, Petrovich and Standish, she'd met around the office but had never worked with before. They worked under a different mission supervisor, not Galovich, as Chang and Anna did. This troubled her. It seemed so unlike Chang.

Perhaps Chang's normal team preferences were tied up with other projects and couldn't get free. But then there was the capper. A member of the archaeological team who was neither a Ph.D. nor an archaeologist nor an employee of IPX. Ms. Donne, the personnel roster read, of Psi Corps. How had she muscled her way onto the expedition? It was unprecedented.
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