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You can still fix it. You've always said that you have to know your crew. So if there's a problem, you find out why. Then you deal with it, with your usual tact. Very simple."

He smiled.

"Maybe you can solve my other problem. I have this wonderful woman I'm supposed to meet."

Anna propped her foot on the edge of the chair and wrapped her arms around her leg.

"If she's so wonderful she'll understand." John sighed.

"I'm sorry I can't make it."

"No. Listen, this wouldn't have worked..."

Someone knocked at John's door. He shook his head.

"I have to go. I'm sorry. I love you."

"I love you. I'll call tomorrow and see how you're doing."

John nodded, and they absorbed each other silently for another moment before he ended the communication.


Anna stepped onto the brightly lit tube, wishing for sunglasses. She hadn't been able to get much sleep in that huge bed last night, though experimenting with the settings had made for an educational evening. Practiced as she was with Geneva mass transit, she was able to maneuver her way ahead of the other boarding passengers to an empty seat. An overweight Centauri jammed into the seat on her right, and she now noticed a powerful smell coming from the dockworker on her left.

Sometimes she wished she could spend all of her time among dead civilizations. Station Prime was basically a revolving ring, with two diametric passages running at right angles to each other connecting opposite sides of the ring and a central landing bay for small to moderate-sized ships. Different tube routes ran around the circumference of the ring or cut through the diametric passages.

Anna was simply riding around the circumference for this journey, since her destination was less than halfway around the ring.
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