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it to stop, but it didn't. She rested her forearms in her lap. Found they continued to shake there. She'd been able to break her contact with the mouse this morning because she hadn't been a telepath, because the contact had been weak. The strong telepathic contact had somehow locked Terrence into the machine, locked him and it together in some sort of feedback loop, which he was still unable to escape.

"Dr. Sheridan."

Anna had the sense that time had passed, though she didn't know how much. A woman stood in front of her dressed all in black, like a block of shadow under the harsh lighting. Her body radiated a sense of confidence and strength, from her balanced, shoulder-width stance, to the hands on her hips, to the thick muscles obvious in her shoulders beneath the tailored suit. The Psi Corps insignia was fastened to her lapel. Her dirty-blond hair was pulled back in a tight bun, a small scar on her left cheek in the half-circular shape of the letter D. She looked more like a soldier than a telepath. The only telepaths Anna knew who gave off a similar military feeling were Psi Cops, and she didn't wear the uniform of a Psi Cop. Besides, Psi Cops tracked down rogue telepaths; they didn't minister to sick ones.

"I'm Dr. Sheridan."

"My name is Donne. From Psi Corps."

When Donne spoke, her jaw barely moved, as if it had been wired shut. Her face seemed clenched, sullen.

"You are to give me full access to all information and materials relating to the injury of Terrence Hilliard and the J/Lai expedition."

She took out a paper from her breast pocket and handed it over to Anna. Anna unfolded the paper with trembling hands, found she couldn't focus on its words.

"How did you know we were here?"

"I need to examine Mr. Hilliard," Donne said.

"And I
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