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waited. He stumbled to a stop, glancing her way, taking in the two liberators behind her. His head was bleeding, and he was streaked with dirt. He had no weapon.

After a moment, again as Justin had said, he ran away from her down the tunnel. It led to a dead end, a balcony overlooking the great city. He would see the power of the liberators there, if he had failed to recognize it before. And he would despair.

Then she would gain control over him, and the liberators would witness her victory.

She walked down the tunnel after him, imagining that she was the Eye, as she soon would be, that she directed the great city, and the entire planet, and all the forces of chaos beyond. John plunged through her dark tunnels, finding no escape. It pleased her to think of him in her implacable embrace.

She came around a curve in the tunnel and there he was, on the balcony of stone, overlooking her vast, dark domain, her towers and minarets, her great arching vault, the beautiful letters etched into her skin, and directly below him, her deep, black abyss.

She would turn him. She had no choice. And now he had none.

"John," she said, and he spun around, his breath hard, eyes wide. "There's nowhere to run. Come back inside. We can work this out."

She continued toward him, searching for the words that would give her control. They both knew that she was not Sheridan. But she must convince him, somehow, to love her, to accept her as his wife. "I know this isn't the Anna that you knew. What I am is what was made in her, a new personality. She can never come back. But I can love you as well as she did."

He looked up, at the huge skylight in the cavern ceiling far above. If he hoped for help, or escape, he would find none. Why did he insist, even now, upon resisting? He had
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