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"or the Circle?"

"What do you mean?"

"Since I discovered the spell of destruction, that has been their main concern."

"Can I just ask you as a Human being?"

"But you are not a Human being. That is only part of what you are."

"As a techno-mage, then. A techno-mage who is your friend."

Galen nodded. "I will stay, and I will help the techno-mages, and I will watch. If ever the Shadows return, or their tech is used by others, then I will leave here and I will stop it."

"What if the Circle refuses to release you?"

"When I want to leave," Galen said, "there will be no power here that can stop me."

"That's dangerous talk," Fed said.

"Dangerous to speak to a friend, or dangerous to speak to a member of the Circle?"

"A friend."

Herazade had called him a traitor, and perhaps she was right. Elric had once asked him what he was, a techno-mage or a traitor; one who killed or one who did good; one in control or one consumed by chaos; one who brought darkness or one who brought light. He actually believed he had become all of those things.

Galen sat in the single chair in the center of the room. "Optima asked that you go to her as soon as the Circle's meeting was over."

Fed went to the door. There, he hesitated. "You said the universe wanted to understand. Understand what?"

"Exactly," Galen said. "Who. What. Why. Above all, why."

Fed released a heavy breath. "Okay. Enough responsibility for one day. Time to celebrate. I don't suppose I could talk you into joining me?"

"I am celebrating. In my own way."

Fed nodded, left.

And then, the Eye of the mages, Galen was free to roam the universe.

On Babylon 5, John, Delenn, Michael, Stephen, and others sat around a long table covered with food and drink, taking joy in the end of the war.
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