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room, waiting to be called back inside. He felt a bit naked, standing there in a simple black shirt and pants. He'd found he no longer needed the warmth of a coat, yet he'd become accustomed to wearing one. Perhaps he could find a lighter one to wear.

Down the corridor, mages clustered outside the dining hall, where a celebration was being held. They drank and laughed and exchanged sleights of hand. The walls of the corridor danced with colorful light displays, reverberated with music.

Today, celebration filled the galaxy, for the Shadow War was over.

The bombing of Z'ha'dum had been the beginning of the end. It had led, first, to a rapid escalation. The Vorlons had ceased their distant manipulations and entered the war with a full-scale onslaught, wiping out any planets on which the Shadows had gained power or found allies. They had determined, finally, to destroy the Shadows' influence. The Shadows, desperate after the great destruction on their homeworld, had gathered their fleet and begun a similar campaign of ruthless planetary annihilation, destroying bastions of order. While the war between chaos and order had manifested itself many times in the galaxy, for as long as history told, the Shadows and Vorlons had never taken such an active role before. That exposed them for what they had become. And it left them vulnerable.

John Sheridan left the ruins of Z'ha'dum a few weeks after Galen. He returned to Babylon 5 not only with his health but with the wisdom to end the war. He realized that the Shadows and the Vorlons, in fighting over who best could guide the younger races, had lost their way. Victory mattered more to them now than anything.

Only two weeks later, John engineered a direct confrontation between the Shadows and the Vorlons, with his own forces
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