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Razeel's Shadow skin seemed to protect her from the multitude of converging red beams, and she swooped higher with a triumphant shriek. Her spiky figure now radiated a dull red glow, and as she raised a warding hand, the red quickly built to blinding intensity. "Stop!" she screamed. "My beautiful children-"

A dull boom echoed out across the cavern. But for a rain of fleshy chunks that fell to the rocky plain, she was gone.

As Galen climbed to his feet at the lip of the pit, Elizar turned on him. Heat poured off of the glittering black figure.

"If you will not serve"-Elizar's voice trembled with rage-"then I am free, at last, to kill you."

Elizar brought his hand to his face, and with a jerk of his head, loosed a harsh syllable. As the sound dissipated outward, the air became charged, strange, and time turned sluggish. The world around Galen began to redden and darken.

Elizar had captured him within a sphere.

But Elizar was not satisfied with that; just as Galen had burned so long to destroy, Elizar now burned. His head jerked again, again, the syllables caught in the elasticity of time, drawn into a long, fluctuating cry. Spheres took shape in the air around Galen, in the rock behind him; spheres captured one after another of the soldiers.

And though Galen no longer burned with the Shadows' heat of destruction, he resounded with anger and grief and passion and outrage-all the emotions from which he had hidden for so long.

Elizar had succumbed to chaos, and to the darkness within himself. Galen would end it. Galen would end him.

He no longer needed to discover the spell to shift the sphere surrounding him; he and the tech simply thought to move it, and the sphere glided across the stone to envelop the glittering black figure.

Elizar's head shot
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