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they realized the Code was critical in their fight against chaos. Perhaps they realized that if they continued to fight, the hiding place would simply become their tomb. Perhaps they were simply tired of death.

The election of new members to the Circle had been viewed as part of the healing process.

"I returned to the mages only to help them," Galen said.

Fed pulled a rubber ball out of his pocket, tossed it back and forth between his hands. "You should have run for the Circle, Galen. You understand a lot more than they do. They're pretty freaked out by that Shadow ship sitting outside, and by the fact that you-joined with it. I think they're... afraid of your help."

The Circle's goal had always been to impose order upon the mages, to counterbalance the programming of chaos within them just as the Vorlons counterbalanced the Shadows. Both forces sought control, yet control was not the answer. That thought resounded through him.

Fed's unkempt beard shifted as he smiled. "They're also not too happy that you destroyed most of Z'ha'dum, but saved Morden, the one person they wanted dead. He's shown up on Centauri Prime, by the way. Seems to be up to his old tricks."

The familiar feeling came over Galen, that he was unable to accomplish anything good. Though the bombs had killed many of the Shadows, not all of them had been on Z'ha'dum. Still they fought, with even greater viciousness, and still Morden served them.

But the tech told him that they could do good here. "Did Blaylock try the spell?" Galen asked.

Fed caught the ball, closed it in his hand. "I was told to wait until you were better. But-you are better, right?"

Galen waited.

"Blaylock fell ill soon after you left. I think-the loss of Gowen... He's in a coma. Could go at any time, Miostro
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