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itself to end the tech's slavery here. He realized, though, that it was not completely gone. It had managed to save one piece of itself, one piece that yet might accomplish more: him.

He resonated with the desire to return to the hiding place, to help the mages free their tech, join with it.

Galen didn't know if he had the strength to leave Z'ha'dum, but he would try. He removed several layers of Shadow skin to better sense the world outside. Intense radiation filled the shaft, increasing with height. He reached out, grabbed Morden. A platform pressed at his feet, drove him and Morden deeper, pushing them through the charred remains. After a few minutes, he sensed several shafts branching off ahead. He turned down one of them, working his way through the dead, whole corpses now. Eventually he came to the surface of a pit similar to the one he had entered, though smaller. The platform pushed the cocoon of him and Morden onto the tunnel floor. For a few minutes Galen rested there, his breath sounding in concert with Morden's.

They were very deep here, far, far below the great cavern. Galen found himself thinking of John Sheridan, wondering if John could have fallen this far, wondering if there was any chance he could be alive.

The tunnel showed minimal signs of blast damage, and the radiation levels were lower. Galen dissolved more layers of Shadow skin, peeling back one after another and testing to see if they remained protected. Three layers seemed sufficient.

Within the darkness of the cocoon, Morden remained unconscious. As far as Galen could detect, his condition had not improved. He was near death.

New organelles would have formed within Galen while he'd slept. He again found Morden's chest, sent the new organelles flowing out.

The tech resonated
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