Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

the beauty, the betrayals and the loyalties, the hatred and the love, the failures and the successes, the past and the future, the darkness and the light. He was filled with a sense of unity, completeness. They felt it together, the sensation resounding through him, not as thought and echo, or command and confirmation, but as a single being. The tech was him, yet it was more than him. And at the same time, it was more primal, himself reduced to his most basic essence-as simple as a photon, and as simple as the universe.

It wanted to understand. That was all. It wanted to understand.




In a wave the feeling expanded, the pale yellow light spreading from his body into the simpler bits of tech in the machine people, suffusing them. Unlike his tech, those lesser pieces were not developed enough to have complex thoughts of their own. Yet he felt their burden ease, felt their elation. The warmth continued, reaching up from the depths of Z'ha'dum through shafts and channels, pouring out through the fingers of stone that stretched into the sky. It

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