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processing at its center. Within a few minutes of joining with the Eye, I could no longer even form the thought to fight it. I wanted only to do the Shadows' bidding, to run the machine. The programming controlled me."

He had not lasted even a few seconds.

"I hid what little part of me I could deep inside, holding to it through mind-focusing exercises over days and years and centuries, watching with horror all that I did. Yet that piece did me no good. It was helpless to act.

"The machine has extended my life as long as possible. But finally, my body has failed, and I will have my freedom. Now your bondage must begin." The glowing pillar fell silent.

Wierden was the greatest of all the mages. Her control was legendary. She had fought the Eye as best she could. If she could not resist its directives, then how could he?

Her silence seemed to carry the answer. There was no resisting it. The Shadows, through their systems and technology, imposed control, demanded obedience. The Eye, the Shadow ships, the machine people-all were forced to follow their programming and the will of their masters.

The Vorlons, Galen realized, were no different. Perhaps they enslaved no separate sentient beings at the centers of their ships, but with their organic technology, the ships themselves were alive, were sentient. Galen had felt it. Ulkesh's ship had been created to be a happy slave, obeying his orders without question.

The Vorlon ships obeyed the Vorlons' orders, just as the Shadow ships obeyed the Shadows' orders. Just as Galen's ship obeyed his.

With the techno-mages, the Shadows had created their most chaotic machines. That was how the mages had slipped out of their control. Yet even then, the mages unknowingly mimicked their creators. They too sought to manipulate,
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