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dreams. He could not wait for sleep now, or Sheridan would be on the way to Z'ha'dum. But he could stimulate Sheridan's memory and speak through that memory, almost as a waking dream.

Standing before his dresser, Sheridan loaded a fresh energy cap into his weapon, slid the weapon into its holster.

Kosh located the incident in Sheridan's mind. Sheridan had confronted the mysterious, elusive Vorlon in his residence, demanding to be taught how to kill Shadows. Sheridan had sworn then that he would one day go to Z'ha'dum. And Kosh had told him the inevitable outcome of such a visit.

Sheridan took a second weapon from his dresser drawer, removed it from its holster, checked it. An extra weapon would not save him.

Above the dresser was a mirror. Kosh would make the memory appear there to increase the sense of unreality.

Kosh stimulated the memory, the image of him in his encounter suit, looking as he had on that day. Within the mirror, he placed that image over Sheridan's shoulder. Catching a flicker of movement, Sheridan glanced up. The memory spoke.

"If you go toZ'ha Hum, you will die."

Sheridan spun around, searching for the source of the reflection. After a moment, he decided that he was alone, and that his tired, overstressed mind was playing tricks on him. Yet the memory revived his anger at Kosh, and Delenn, for trying to control him. He turned back to the dresser, shoved the second weapon back into its holster, more determined than ever to continue on his course.

Sheridan was stubborn. Independent. Impudent. Incorrect. He would destroy the alliance, and lose the war, for the chance of ending the cycle of conflict between order and chaos for all time, something that had never been done in the history of the galaxy.

For this unreachable goal, he
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