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rock around him fracturing, cracking, falling. He visualized the equation, cloaked himself in Shadow skin. Dust billowed up around him. He detected no sign of Razeel.

He closed the suffocating exercises around him, forcing the flow of destruction to stop. He would not lose control, would not give himself over to chaos.

His sensors told him that he was now level with the opening of the Eye, but the shaft had no outlets. He continued higher.

Far above was another skylight, this one much smaller than the one in the main cavern. He was nearly halfway there before he found an opening large enough for him to pass through. He was on the same level as John.

"You do what you're told," Justin said to John. "And so will you."

A PPG in his hand, John whipped around to find himself face-to-face with a Shadow. He fired several quick blasts.

Galen sped around a curve and down a straightaway, searching for the fastest way back to the Eye. Only eighty feet ahead, he sensed a huge open space-the main cavern. He would probably come out on one of the balconies or parapets he had seen. From there, he could easily reach the Eye.

But there wasn't enough time. John fled the meeting room, and very quickly he would see that there was no chance for escape. As soon as he did, he would send for the White Star.

Galen located John's probe-a hundred yards ahead and to the left. Sounds echoed down the tunnel from behind Galen, growing louder. The clattering of footsteps, running-lots of them. Drakh soldiers. They would round the curve in a moment, and see him.

They must be coming after John, but Galen had to reach him first. In an instant, Galen made his decision: the basic postulate derived from the spells for illusions. He visualized the one-term equation, and the tech echoed
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