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With sudden speed it shot off to the right, passed partway into the cave wall, and imploded with a crack that shook the chamber. Rocks rained down around them.

Razeel came to float before him, the glittering Shadow skin's patterns shifting, evolving. Over the place where her face would be, an image took shape, an illusion projected over the skin, or created by the skin. It was her face, yet the image was changed, enhanced, her pale skin now a radiant white, her large blue eyes a solid, gleaming black. She reminded him, in some strange, twisted way, of an angel. The angel of death.

She had found, at last, an identity that fit.

She extended her arms, stretched one leg back, to increase the illusion that she was flying. "I am the queen of Shadows."

Galen conjured a platform and, with an equation of motion, raced toward the opening in the ceiling. Razeel followed. He entered the shaft, swooped upward. Through the transparent platform, he could see Razeel's black figure rising after him. He started with her right hand and conjured sphere after sphere of destruction, capturing one section of her body after another, arms, head, chest, stomach, legs. The energy came down upon him, blazed out of him. If she'd barely been able to move one sphere in time, let her try to escape all of those.

The full heat of destruction was upon him now, the brilliant incandescence burning through his veins, shooting down his neurons. He reached deeper into the earth, to the cavern from which he had just come, the equations forming one after the next, destruction filling the rock above the cave ceiling, below the cave floor, surrounding that nest so that everything would be crushed beyond hope of survival. As he shot upward, the shaft boomed with the echoes of implosions below, the
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