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Chaos was for another place and time. For now, she must convince John to join them. She must gain control over him. That was her purpose. And obedience was the only option.

* * *

The memory bled through Galen's defenses-Razeel, hair blowing over her face, smiling into the ring at him, humming as she led Fa to her death.

He turned his mind away, accelerated his exercises. Perhaps he could complete this part of his task.

A bright ball of light popped into the air above him, then another and another, illuminating his side of the cavern.

The spiky figure rose. "Galen!" She sounded excited. "Brother didn't tell me he had a playmate." She glided toward him on a platform, and he stood.

He saw now more clearly the source of the original light, a square opening in the ceiling, perhaps three feet on each side. A shaft. Somewhere, above, there was light.

Razeel approached. Obviously she knew many of the Shadows' secrets. Did she know how to evade the spell of destruction? She had always been less skilled than Elizar.

In his mind's eye, John yelled at Justin. "You stuck her in one of those ships, didn't you?"

The conversation would soon end. Galen had to reach the Eye.

He visualized the one-term equation.

The sphere caught her in midair, tainting the air around her with shadow. As space and time distorted, her torso stretched, her spikes rippling like snakes, fading into the darkness that engulfed her.

Galen's left leg was swelling, bowing outward. But he kept his eyes fixed on Razeel. Elizar had moved the sphere almost instantly, yet still it encompassed her. Her figure was visible now only as a vague movement within the blackness. Then the sphere began to pale, and as his leg drew back to normal size, the sphere snapped into rapid collapse.
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